We’re not your usual consultants. If you come and meet us, you’ll know we know our stuff, that we know how to handle challenging stakeholder groups or distil and communicate complex issues at multiple levels, and that we’re astute enough to take on board the experience across your organisation, while openly benchmarking it to the marketplace, to bring your team on the journey with us. We’ve been where you are; we’ve led high performance teams, we’ve managed operational delivery of catering and hospitality operations and we understand the curiosity and occasional wariness attached to the introduction of consultants.

We are professional, quirky and fun – just ask the teams we’ve worked closely with at some of the country’s most prestigious organisations. They value the added benefits of working with us, the natural coaching that we give during the course of a commission, and beyond.

We like to think we’re different. We listen. To all of it.

Even the parts some might think aren’t of interest. We bring energy and independence, and build trust quickly to ensure we capture those years of experience and nuance understanding into our work. Building trust with you and your team means we can act as an, often more agile, extension of them; understanding what they will need and expect from a strategic change of direction, procurement process, feasibility study or any other projects or recommendations we may be working on, in order to help you create a storyline alongside your strategy – one that brings them with you, and one that is efficient and meaningful in its delivery.