Sally Davis

Managing Director

Qualifying at The Birmingham College of Food in Hotel and Catering Management, Sally later gained her degree in Hospitality Administration in the US.
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Bob Russell

Principal Consultant

Qualifying through Ealing Hotel School and with a career history incorporating Grand Metropolitan, Payne and Gunter and Compass (Leisure), attaining Board positions in the latter two, before starting his own consultancy, Bob’s experience and knowledge of the sector is impressive.
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Jayne Gillitt

Project Coordinator

With an MBA from Aston Business School and a proven track record in cost reduction, Jayne coordinates project management, manages a range of client KPIs and supports both Sally and Bob across a range of Thread clients and business requirements. .
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Chris Wood

Finance Director

Chris’s expertise covers a number of specialist sectors including property, catering, consultancy and professional services.
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Trust accelerates, bonds, extends, motivates and facilitates

The quicker we can gain your trust, the more enjoyable and efficient our work with you will be. We believe that trust is the thing that will make the difference; it will accelerate our ability to understand your business, help us to bond with you and your team, extend the lifetime of our relationship, motivate us to consider you and your business wherever we are, and facilitate a depth of knowledge that enhances any recommendations, solutions or responses we provide.

People buy people

It’s why we chose the people that work with Thread, and it’s why we’re sure you’ll want to work with us. Our strong relationships with each other, our confidence in our breadth of experience, and our desire to be part of your team – for as long as you need us to be – means we are quick to build trust and new foundations.